Learn through competition

Vikidz combines math, video games and teamwork into a unique and motivating experience for your classroom and at home. Math practice is now a fun learning activity that provides you with the reports you need to boost your student's performance through the power of data-driven instruction.


Motivate, compete and learn!

Vikidz covers the most complex content in elementary schools with thousands of exercises that have been carefully designed and validated by experts.

Vikidz uses a game-based learning methodology. Through healthy competition, it generates experiences that reinforce the knowledge taught in the classroom.

Common Core standards

Vikidz is fully aligned with the Common Core mathematics standards, and constantly adapts to the skills and concepts that your students need to reinforce.


Vikidz works in your school's computer lab (PC/Mac) and in the classroom on mobile devices such as tablets and phones (Android, iPads/iPhones).

Healthy competition

Playing and overcoming challenges stimulates neurotransmitters in our brain. The Vikidz methodology takes advantage of this and motivates all students to improve themselves and become winners.

Monitoring tools and immediate reports

During each Vikidz session, the platform tracks real-time performance metrics for the entire group and each student. Vikidz generates clear and detailed reports that can be used to improve student performance.


Empower teachers and transform them into leaders

Teachers are the champions of the Vikidz experience. Our tools have been designed to be user-friendly and easy to learn. Teachers have quick access to all the lessons, exercises and learning objectives. With just a few steps, you can start the experience in your classroom and use it to accompany your lesson plans.


Reward students and provide a comprehensive experience

Students have fun personalizing their Viking avatars within the Vikidz experience. Each correct answer provides rewards, which they can spend on their character. Students will want to continue playing to unlock all options, while simultaneously practicing and improving their mathematics performance.


Take the experience home

The Train at Home app allows students to practice Vikidz in their homes. Their avatars travel with them and continue to earn rewards while they practice. Teachers use this tool to reinforce lessons taught in the classroom and to assign them as homework. Home activity generates reports for the teacher.


Make teaching easier!

When planning your activities in the classroom consider combining them with our educational technology. Vikidz helps you motivate your students and frees you from the time you invest in the design and evaluation of exercises.

Cognitive benefits

Vikidz strengthens mathematical reasoning, language skills, psychomotor skills, concentration and creativity.

Socioemotional skills

The competition generates an atmosphere of positive emotions that favor communication, group integration and respect for others.


Everyone collaborates to win as a team. Whoever loses is encouraged and motivated to try harder and achieve their best.

Financial literacy

Students practice basic concepts of income, expenditure and savings while earning rewards and customizing their Viking characters.

Reading comprehension

The exercises have different degrees of difficulty and a pedagogical approach that favors the development of students' reading comprehension.


Join the Vikidz experience!

Teachers have many different tasks to complete in the classroom. So much so that it becomes difficult at times to keep the students motivated and attentive. With Vikidz this is no longer a problem!
Margarita Espinoza
To see the kids having fun is very gratifying for me. As a teacher I firmly believe that we should not separate learning from having fun. What I also really value with Vikidz is that the platform provides insights into the knowledge level of my classroom. This enables me to quickly react and pay attention to the students who need a bit of extra attention.
Mario Herrera
(Math Teacher)
Vikidz allows me to save time: I can assign homework easily and receive the results without having to do the grading myself. I can also communicate results to parents much easier. Not to mention that the kids simply love it.
Ana Karla Velazquez


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